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We post free videos, photos, collages, comics and links for Giantess and Growth fetish fans. Giantess Fatale - Giant Women who shrink and sacrifice male victims for sheer sadistic gratification. Giantess Gallery - A gallery of fan favorite giantess pictures, videos, and proffesional comics! Created by Rivas.
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Giantess Directory - Giantess portal. GTS, Amazon women, lift and carry, muscular women, crushing

Jump to: navigation , search Giantess fetishism is a sexual prediction for the physical size and power of a naturally very tall woman or any woman who has been artistically altered to appear bigger than the rest of her surroundings. Those with a giantess fetish derive pleasure from watching the woman crush, stomp or simply tower over her surroundings. Giantess breast action includes the crushing of objects within the cleavage and the giantess' large breasts knocking objects or buildings over. The Giantess theme has been seen throughout art and history going back to Greek Mythology. Motion pictures The giantess theme has appeared in many motion pictures, often as a metaphor for female empowerment or played for absurd humor. The remake of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, starring Daryl Hannah in the title role, was advertised as a comedy; many scenes did parody earlier size-changing movies most notably The Amazing Colossal Man , although the central theme was feminist. The heroine Nancy, formerly a cipher to her domineering father and husband, is empowered by her new-found size and starts to take control of her destiny, and encourages other women to do the same.
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What in the world is this insane new "giantess" porn trend?

I think they are fascinating. There are over 44, known species of spiders in the world with about new species named every year. Most spiders trap their prey in the sticky substance produced in their abdomen, then they quickly pounce on the struggling insect and inject a paralyzing venom that liquefies the insides. After their prey is subdued the spider sucks the juices from the helpless victim. I suppose that is an horrifying fate for insects, but people have nothing to fear from such a small organism so vulnerable to a rolled up newspaper.
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Updated: 7 Jan , By Natasha Wynarczyk Invalid Date, IT'S a bizarre scene - a giant blonde woman inviting a man to jump inside her mouth before she swallows him whole. This video, which has clocked up almost 50, views, is one of hundreds of 'vore' films on YouTube catering to people with an unusual sexual fetish that sees them fantasise about being eaten. There are hundreds of animated videos on YouTube showing people being chewed or swallowed, with some getting up to , views. It's thought many vorephiles are submissive, and enjoy the idea that they are being degraded.

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